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Avetti Commerce Cloud

Multi Store Ecommerce

Avetti Commerce can be used for a single commerce store. However If you need something that is not out of the box this is where we excel. Also if you require or expect in the future to need more than 1 store, more than 50,000 products or expect high volumes we have the solution. Most simple ecommerce solutions have problems with catalogs more than 50,000 products. We can handle 500,000 even on a single server and grow to millions as needed and can support high volumes.

Multiple stores are useful if you have separate product lines or divisions in separate countries. Certain industries such as the promotional products industry require hundreds of stores per server and we are a leading provider to that industry. High Volume retailers need separate sites per country SEO optimized and separate stores are best to support this. We work with retailers, banks and governments and multi store retailers.

We also include a Master Catalog such that the same product can be shared by multiple stores reducing data management effort.

Types of Ecommerce

  • B2C - if you sell to consumers we can provide an SEO optimized site than includes integrated analytics with responsive designed HTML to support mobile, tablet and desktops. Apps can also be optionally provided.
  • B2B - we support the full range of B2B needs: quotes, messaging, different prices per customer or group, order approval processes and different products and categories per customer group accessing the site. And you can easily copy a store to make another one and every site can be on the same or different domains.
  • B2B2C - we also support buyers that can buy from retailers that then can buy from wholesalers.

Multi Language

Our Commerce Cloud Standard and Starter levels have admin pages in multiple languages. Currently we support English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Vietnamese and Chinese. Additional languages can be added once a property file is translated and we plan to add more soon. The store pages that shoppers access can be in any language. Our Starter solution is ideal for businesses that want a defined cost of a site delivered and deployed with the option to grow as needed.

Using our new React based store development process your team can not only modify the look of each store but add functionality from a large eco system of APIs on the internet to grow your site as you need. If you don’t have React html designers you can start with our standard HTML5 development process or utilize our design services.

ERP Included

The Commerce Cloud Enterprise solution uses an enhanced code base that is AODA / WCAG compliant with PCI and SOC2 compliance available. This code base has an enhanced Order Management system that has receivables side ERP capability that includes payment terms per customer, call centre admin pages, claim tickets, subscriptions, refund approval processes and business rules. And with customizable reports that permit invoices to be generated by the solution NO ERP is required. We currently have a large government live with this solution and it provides a cost effective, secure and high volume cloud ecommerce solution for a large enterprise.

Lastly you dont need to hire developers we or our partners can provide a complete turnkey solution that includes customization, design and deployment to get your running quickly.

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