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Avetti Marketplace Cloud

What is a Marketplace?

A marketplace lets you divide and route orders from a marketplace to sellers.

Sellers can add products and can sell products already in the marketplace and manage orders.

Sellers can communicate to Buyers via messages and optionally negotiate prices and respond to leads.

Sellers are notified when an order, lead or buyer message comes in.

The marketplace can sell their own products or just collect commissions on sales from suppliers.

Each Product can have one supplier or multiple suppliers. This is called a Multi Vendor marketplace.

Types of Marketplaces

B2C/B2B Marketplaces

Marketplaces let you take orders from buyers and route them to sellers.

Buyers can be other businesses (B2B) or Consumers (B2C).

B2B marketplaces typically have quote and negotation processes.

Both need to support Buyer / Seller messaging and lead management.

The marketplace owner can markup products per supplier, category or sku by percentage and/or take a commission on the sale.

The marketplace can collect funds via a payment gateway or each seller can have this configured.

B2B2C Marketplace

If you have a business that sells to another business before selling to the buyer then this is a B2B2C marketplace.

Avetti Commerce supports multiple types of business sellers such as Retailers and Wholesalers or Manufacturers.

Here is an example of how this can work

You can have a national marketplace listing products and showing what retailers sell that product and the distance to each.

Retailers and wholesalers can request from each other the right to sell product lines. If a product line is approved the products will then appear on the retailers store. If a customer purchases from the retailer more than the available stock the retailer can purchase from a wholesaler to restock. The wholesaler can drop ship to the end customer or ship to the retailers store. The retailer would see only approved products and approved pricing on the wholesaler store. You can also have multiple marketplaces per country with different sets of retailers and wholesalers in that country. Each retailer can self manage his store and each store can be on a common domain name or separate domains per retailer.

Our Solution

Do you have a need for multiple websites or have a large catalog? We can help.

We have 3 levels of solutions.

Our Enterprise Solution lets you scale to thousands of suppliers with strong PCI compliant security.

We can provide a turnkey solution that is customized and fully supported. We have both license and cloud deployment options.

If you have a smaller marketplace our Standard solution supports hundreds of suppliers on a dedicated server that we can provide options to scale as you grow.

Our Starter solution is ideal for small marketplaces for growing businesses or for your developers. You can switch to higher level solutions as you grow.

For all solutions we include implementation.

Call us to learn how your needs can match our solution. We provide a turnkey solution, support and customizations. We can provide front end development or train your developers.

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