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Now is the Time to Invest in Ecommerce

From $99 USD / month with No Transaction Fees

Do you need to create a High Quality Modern Ecommerce Web Store, Multi Site Web Store or a High Volume Marketplace?

Get full control and fast time to market using Headless Commerce.

For Businesses

  • All features of the For SMB Solution PLUS
  • Create Multiple Websites that Sell Products
  • One Each Site Add Sellers to Increase ROI
  • Multiple Sellers can sell the same product
  • Sellers can Create Products and Manage Inventory
  • Customers can see different Pricing and Products
  • Sell to Consumers and/or Businesses (B2C / B2B)
  • Multi Language EN/AR/ZH/VI/ES/FR and easily add more

For Enterprises

  • All features of the For Businesses Solution PLUS
  • Automatically Scale as your load increases
  • Enterprise Level High Security
  • AI Enterprise Search Option
  • Call Center and Order Management Option
  • Connect Sellers to Retailers to Wholesalers
  • Sell to Large Customers with Procurement Systems
  • Cloud or On Premise / B2C / B2B / B2B2C / PCI / SOC2

For SMBs

  • Sell Everywhere
  • B2C + B2B + Offline on Tablets
  • Procurement System Ready
  • Faceted Search
  • Promotions, Gift Cards
  • No Transaction Fees
  • A Complete Ecommerce
  • Solution for your Business

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Canada Post
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Client Feedback

"Avetti has been an e-commerce provider for our company for over 10 years for one of our faster-growing divisions. They have been a strategic provider for us and have been a large reason we are able to compete. Their skill sets, willingness and ability to provide enhanced features to meet the needs of our clients have proven very valuable to us."
- Mike P., IT Director Geiger

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